The Role of Product Marketing  

“The role of Product Marketer is a reflection of the role of the product in a company and the complexity of its go-to-market. It varies widely because the buying and selling experience varies widely across companies and industries. Ultimately every Product Marketer needs to be able to do two things. 1. Craft strong positioning and 2. Adapt.”

Meghan Keaney Anderson (VP of Marketing @ Hubspot) #

“Product Marketing is strategic and tactical, it is right brain/left brain and it fills the holes: in many cases, Product Marketing will do the things you haven’t hired someone else to do.”

Emily Wright (Head of Product Marketing and Brand at Homebase) #

“Each team has different expectations from Product Marketing. Sales wants us to drive more leads either through events (and every sales guy/gal wants events in their region). Product management expects Product Marketing to launch products or promote low-level features through campaigns. It’s up to Product Marketing to balance these different expectations while keeping our focus on what is good for the business.”

Matheen Raza (Senior Product Marketing Manager @ HPE’s BlueData Team) #


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