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Product Marketing Manager at Tempered and Vocational Mission Lead at Union Church; fascinated with growth-mindsets, story-telling, futurism, justice, technology & faith

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The Complete Guide to the Kano Model

A fantastic guide highlighting how prioritize customer satisfaction & delight when building products. (curated by Daniel Zacarias of Folding Burritos)

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Why Andrew Yang Matters

Like Ross Perot, the Democratic businessman downplays social issues and focuses on economics—the perfect formula for some disaffected voters. (Article by Peter Beinart, Professor of Journalism at City University of New York, writing for The Atlantic)

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WeWork and the Great Unicorn Delusion

Why the consumer-tech revolution can’t seem to survive public scrutiny (Article by Derek Thompson, Staff Writer at The Atlantic)

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Four steps product marketers can take to build trust with product teams

Really insightful article by Devon O'Rourke (Senior Product Marketing Manager at *Amazon) on how Product Marketing teams can build trust with Product Management tea. Read more…

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Wallpapers from The Verge

One of my favorites right here… from a really great set of original wallpapers from the The Verge The_Verge_Contours_Wallpaper_Blue_Landscape.0.png

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The Untold Story: Joe Biden Pushed Ronald Reagan to Ramp Up Incarceration - Not The Other Way Around

Great piece by David Stein (The Intercept) on Joe Biden’s role in the country’s history of race relations. Read more

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Domo still can’t explain what it actually is, and the stock is getting killed

It doesn’t matter how big you get, how large your customer base, if you can’t tell your story with succinctness, simplicity, and vision, then… all bets are off. Insightful column by Therese Poletti.

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Things To Do During Pre-Launch Phase (Product Marketing)

Fantastic post by Shreya Kothari Sawala (Product Marketing Lead at Finturi) highlighting the various pieces of a well-laid out go-to-market messaging & positioning plan

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Can’t We Do Better Than NPS?

Kyle Poyar (VP, Market Strategy at OpenView) writes about how NPS isn’t always the best signal of customer health, product stickiness, competitive differentiation or pricing power. He explores creative ways to learn about what makes happy customers. (Read More)

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